Work For Us

If you like a challenge and want to work at the forefront of the Fire Protection industry, then a career at Crossfire awaits you!

The variety of work and the range of clients we work with mean no day is identical to any other. You could be working at the start of concept design through to a site build and final inspection sign off.

Remember, we don’t just do the fire engineering but also the fire protection design. So you get to see a diverse range of build projects. Learn more about Fire Engineering .

If detailed analysis is your thing, then the computer fire modelling we do – B-RISK and FDS will be up your alley. We also use Pyrosim and Pathfinder (for pedestrian modelling) – but don’t worry if you haven’t used them before, we will teach you how to use all these software packages. Learn more about Fire Reports [link to What is in a fire report page]

To work here ideally you will have an engineering degree, preferably at masters level in Fire Engineering. If you haven’t yet become a specialist Fire Engineer, we can support you through the Canterbury University Fire Engineering programme if you are not yet qualified. Successful candidates can get financial support for course fees and paid study leave.

Salaries are paid at market rates.

Living Overseas?

If your experience is not in New Zealand, don’t worry – Crossfire would like to hear from you. Our building code is of course different from your home experience, you will quickly learn what you need. From our current team Jeff Parkinson trained in Great Britain and Tania Morgun trained in Ukraine – we’re good with overseas experience.
Working at Crossfire you will work on all levels of fire engineering design. The firm is growing fast and we are successfully competing against firms with 20-40 people doing the same work. This is your chance to make your mark.

Emigrating to work in New Zealand

Jeff Parkinson is a Fire Engineer at Crossfire, he arrived here in 2009 and this is what he says about emigrating to work in New Zealand.

”My background is as a building surveyor – one of the properties I was managing was in a fire and I got involved in the fire investigation and I started to ask about how to get into that part of the industry. I joined the UK Fire Service as an operational officer for 13 years. Then an opportunity in the NZ Fire Service came up and I moved here after successfully joining their Engineering Unit in Auckland. I did 3 years of Design Review for NZFS and met Michael at a conference and he invited me to learn fire design rather than just the review of the design. I have been back to University to do a Masters Degree in Fire Engineering. 

When we decided to move to NZ the Visa process was fairly straightforward and clear; there are lots of immigration consultants but we did it ourselves. Crossfire will support your application which smooths the path.”