Crossfire is a leading Fire Engineering practice based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded by Michael Dixon in 2012, the firm is well-known for its reliability and innovation in fire safety management and advice.

The team is experienced in commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, residential and institutional buildings.


We believe that the best fire safety outcomes are produced from an holistic approach based firmly on the client's objectives. When all the elements of code compliance, business continuity and property protection are considered the fire safety strategy produced can be appropriately priced to deliver value. Being involved early in every project is our aim so that the overall building design has to accept fewer compromises than when fire safety is a last minute addition.

Architects value fire engineers who listen, are flexible in their design thinking and detailed in design delivery.

The team is drawn from a range of backgrounds including operational fire service, council and engineering consultancy and thus gives a well-rounded range of skills.

We welcome enquiries from individuals seeking employment or engineers wanting to transition into the field of fire safety.


Michael Dixon Fire Engineer photo



Michael founded Crossfire in 2012.

His vision to remain at the forefront of good practice in the industry and to seek cost-appropriate solutions to fire engineering has earned Crossfire the strong reputation it enjoys today.

Michael’s professional career started after studying Engineering at the University of Auckland supplemented by a Masters in Fire Engineering from the University of Canterbury.

Michael’s deep insight into specialist fire engineering has seen him innovate and lead the introduction of new methodologies over his career. He has advised on complex systems such as specialised fire detection, gas flooding, and engineered pressurisation systems.

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers NZ chapter was headed by Michael during 2008-9 and he has been a committee member from 2000 to 2012.

Michael is a sought-after expert and has advised the University of Canterbury on its Fire Engineering degree material. He was one of the principal authors of the IPENZ/SFPE PN22 guidance on design documentation.

Contact Michael:
Phone: 021 320 123
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Jeff Parkinson Fire Engineer Photo


General Manager

Jeff is a Chartered Professional Fire Engineer (NZ) with over 20 years experience in the fire sector.  Although he initially trained in the UK as a Building Surveyor, Jeff elected to pursue public safety roles in the UK and the NZ Fire Service. At Crossfire, Jeff is the General Manager and Project Engineer delivering fire engineering and fire services design using both the Acceptable Solutions (C/ASx) and Verification Method (C/VM2) for our clients.

Jeff has a Masters degree in Fire Engineering from the University of Canterbury and is an experienced user of fire and smoke modelling computer packages such as B-RISK, FDS, Pyrosim, Pathfinder and Firewind as well as using spreadsheet and hand calculations to create and verify designs.

His track record working for the UK Fire Service and the NZFS Fire Engineering Unit aligns strongly with the Crossfire’s delivery of practical, workable solutions for clients. Jeff has given design review advice to Building Consent Authorities since 2009.

He is a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand (CMEngNZ), a Professional Member and Executive Committee member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE - NZ Chapter), an assessed Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and the Engineering Council (UK). Jeff has over 12 years’ experience as an operational UK firefighter and officer and has training qualifications as a Compartment Fire Behaviour Instructor.

Contact Jeff:
Phone: 021 320 207
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Tony Manning


Senior Fire Engineer

Tony’s career in fire engineering began in 2010; he worked with another leading firm before joining Crossfire in 2017.   He has an deep knowledge of the NZ Building Code and Regulations and has assisted as a regulatory peer reviewer for Verification Method (C/VM2) designs.

Working on fire engineering and fire services designs for a wide variety of specialist facilities, Tony uses both the Acceptable Solutions (C/ASx) and Verification Method (C/VM2).  These involve specifying natural smoke extraction, pressurisation systems and specialist assessment of structural steel fire performance.  

He has also undertaken performance based fire engineered Alternative Solutions for components of the fire engineering design which did not fit into the normal C/ASx and C/VM2 frameworks.  A skilled user of fire and smoke modelling computer packages such as B-RISK, FDS and Firewind, Tony also uses spreadsheet and hand calculations to verify designs. 

He earned his Civil Engineering degree with First Class Honours in 2010, for which his final year student study was on the performance of cellular beams in fires which led directly to his current professional focus. He went on to earn his Masters of Fire Engineering with distinction in 2014. He is working towards becoming a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand.  

Tony was formerly an overseas professional for a Yorkshire cricket club and he now maintains his interest in sport through golf, hunting and fishing. He is also an active member of the NZDF Reserve Force.

Contact Tony:
Phone: 09 948 4403
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Tim Copley fire engineer photo


Fire Engineer

Tim is a Fire Engineer with a career that started in his native UK as a building engineer.  

Working from a traditional building surveying background, Tim became interested in fire risk assessments after working for two years with White Tick Fire Safety.  He gained detailed knowledge of a range of building types from prisons, airports, night clubs, retail to industrial petroleum plants and heritage churches.   

He moved to New Zealand with his wife in 2013 and worked at Prendos gaining valuable experience in multi-disciplinary project management and managing fire designs from concept to completion.

At Crossfire, Tim prepares consultant advice reports, fire reports, fire risk assessments and  liaises with clients for a diverse range of fire engineering projects.  

His most unusual project was The Kosmopolis where he developed the fire design for an extension to an existing office building, converting it to a multi-level residential building.  Using an innovative building method involving prefabricated units being built off-site and airlifted into place on a customised tray system.

Tim’s Building Surveying degree from the University of Salford, UK, is being augmented as he works towards a Masters in Fire Engineering at the University of Canterbury and also gaining his CPENG Fire Engineer ticket.

He enjoys watersports including Freediving, spear fishing and snorkelling while maintaining his Karate 2nd Dan Black Belt and studying Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Contact Tim:

Phone: 021 320 151

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Bing Zhang Fire Engineer photo


Fire Engineer

Bing started his career in Christchurch following his graduation from Auckland University in 2013 as a structural engineer.  He is now a Fire Engineer. 

Working with Caliber Consulting on the reconstruction of Christchurch following the 2011 earthquake, Bing gained experience working for the  New Zealand Earthquake Commission on the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP).  His team provided engineering advice including identifying earthquake damage to properties and writing repair and remediation strategies prior to applying for building consent.

Bing worked on over 25 projects during his three years in Christchurch including schools, shops, commercial buildings and private residences.

In his last year of undergraduate study, he developed an interest in the structural behaviour of steel structures in fires, which led him to pursue further studies in the field of fire engineering. He has a Masters degree in Engineering studies with a major in Fire Engineering from the University of Canterbury when working in Christchurch through part time study.  

Leaving Christchurch in November 2016 Bing joined Crossfire as Fire Engineer.  

In his spare time, Bing enjoys tramping and is also a pool swimmer for fitness. 

Contact Bing:

Phone: 09 948 4403
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Jonathon Beardmore fire engineer photo


Graduate Engineer

Jonathon is training to become a qualified Fire Engineer. He took his undergraduate honours degree at University of Auckland studying mechatronics engineering and is now working towards a Masters in Fire Engineering at Canterbury University while working full time at Crossfire. 

Training to become a Fire Engineer with Crossfire involves working on client jobs progressing towards doing projects unsupervised.  Jonathon assists every member of the Crossfire team.

Work projects include fire and smoke simulations, calculating evacuation times and ensuring jobs conform to acceptable solutions or using the verification method.

Jonathon is currently working on retail and industrial warehouse projects for Crossfire’s key clients; this includes internal fit-outs and building extensions in pre-existing buildings. He is also learning to use B-Risk and FDS modeling programmes.

Contact Jonathon:
Phone: 09 948 4403
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Xu Tao


Graduate Engineer

 Xu joined the Crossfire team in 2017 having completed the Post Graduate Certificate in Fire Engineering degree course at University of Canterbury.  He has studied in his native China and at Buffalo University, New York, USA gaining Bachelor and Masters degrees in automation and electrical engineering.

His background in product design for Dali infrared thermal detectors and vehicle air conditioning for manufacturing firms has influenced his interest in laboratory work and technical measurement and analysis.  His coursework at Canterbury included the study of fire dynamics, computer fire modelling, fire safety systems and the behaviour of structures in fire.  Xu is now continuing his study at Canterbury to complete his Masters in Fire Engineering while working full time at Crossfire.

He moved to New Zealand to join his wife in 2016 and they both have a love of travel and he enjoys boxing in his spare time.

Contact Xu:

Phone: 09 948 4403


Nicole Louw


Office Administrator

Nicole is the Crossfire Office Administrator and takes responsibility to manage and monitor the workflow of your jobs. She expertly leads our administration, HR and internal marketing so our business runs efficiently.

She studied for a Diploma in Graphic Design specialising in design layout, photography and children’s book illustration and has worked in office administration, design and marketing for much of her career.

Before joining Crossfire Engineering, Nicole worked as a Practice Manager for a medical practice and as an office administrator in the real estate industry.

A native of South Africa, Nicole and her family have lived in Auckland for 17 years.  She enjoys shooting portraits and camping with her young family around New Zealand.


Contact Nicole:

Phone: 09 948 4403